Thursday, May 24, 2012

Street smart Anushka scoots ahead of Katrina

Street smart Anushka scoots ahead of Katrina

The actress is said to have slashed her fee to steal a two-wheeler endorsement deal from right under Katrina Kaif's nose

The industry is known for its cutthroat ways. So much so that it’s no surprise to hear of a star sparing no efforts to steal the thunder from another. The latest is that Anushka Sharma slashed her fee to steal a march on Katrina Kaif for a two-wheeler endorsement deal that both the actresses were eying.

A well-placed executive in the advertising world tells us that the two-wheeler company was initially considering Katrina to be the brand ambassador for their women’s range.

“However, when they learnt that her fee for an annual contract would be Rs 6 crore, some Anushka’s name was instead suggested, as she would charge comparatively lesser, being Katrina’s junior, ” revealed our source.

Apparently when they heard that Anushka was quoting Rs 4 crore, they had second thoughts about her.

“The brand custodians felt that paying Rs 6 crore to Katrina would get them more visibility and could translate into higher sales than signing Anushka for Rs 4 crore, ” divulges our informer.

Anushka, after hearing this, is said to have slashed her fee, just in order to ink the deal.

“When the brand custodians heard she was not only willing to sign the deal for Rs 3 crore, but also give a couple of days more than Katrina for the shoot, they decided to go ahead with her, ” recalls the source.

We’re told that while the contract has been signed a few days ago, the concerned agency is yet to shoot a campaign with the actress.

“Now that Anushka has inked the deal, the agency will create the campaign keeping her bubbly and effervescent image in mind, ” concludes our informer.

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