Thursday, May 24, 2012

We're seeing double: Sonakshi copies Kareena in new Chammak Challo

Who's that gyrating in a red sari in a song that begins Chammak Challo? No, it's not Kareena. It's Sonakshi Sinha in a song called Chamak challo chail chabeeli from Rowdy Rathore.

The inevitable comparisons with Bebo's Chammak Challo have followed but Sonakshi has brushed them aside and insists it's just coincidence.

"I am not just Chammak Challo, I am also Chail Chabeeli,” she says. But really Sonakshi, a red sari plus the exact same song name – what are the chances?


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  2. Nice shoot.Hope its usefull for more you can check