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Dutt’s manager brought to his knees for Kangna

Dutt’s manager brought to his knees for Kangna
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Reeling under the twin blows of Ram Gopal Varma and then Sanjay Dutt's friends lashing out against his highhandedness, the actor's manager Dharam Oberoi has now stepped into damage control mode, trying to right all the wrong he has reportedly done. And it began with a quick visit to Kangna Ranaut, who had borne the brunt of his fury during the making of Rascals.

On Wednesday, Ranaut was rather surprised to see Oberoi at Mehboob Studios, where she was doing a photo shoot. It was beyond her wildest imagination. A source present at the studio told , "Kangna did not snub Oberoi. Rather, she met him graciously. The two chatted with each other for nearly 20 minutes."

When contacted, Dharam admitted he met Kangna. "She is a friend. I had gone to meet Ajay Devgn, who was shooting for his film Son of Sardar in the same studio and I met Kangna there since she was also present," he said.

Ribbed about whether he met her to clarify his stance about Ramu accusing him of booting her out from Department, Oberoi flashed his old temper once again: "Have you seen the film? The girl's role was s***. Why would Kangna ever do such a role? Kangna was never going to do this film. Let barking dogs keep barking."

However, according to the source, Oberoi looked far from his usual super-confident self when he spoke to the actress. "He was quite humble. He may not have said it in so many words but it was clear he was trying to convince Kangna to let bygones be bygones. Quite unlike him," the source said.

It is learnt Oberoi was Kangna's manager for a few months before the two parted ways professionally during the making of Rascals (second half of 2011). Apparently, Oberoi had mismanaged her dates and there were also rumours about Sanjay Dutt being upset with her. Nonetheless, the parting was ugly. "Those were the days when Dutt was quite close to Oberoi. Now it seems that Dutt is distancing himself from him," a well wisher of Dutt told .

Meanwhile, Dutt definitely seems to be keen to wrench himself free from Oberoi's grasp. Else why would he have signed Karan Johar's film opposite Kangna only recently?

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