Monday, May 28, 2012

Dhoni looks sexy behind the wickets: Poonam Pandey

Dhoni looks sexy behind the wickets: Poonam Pande
Should we say that Poonam Pandey has gone tame now? The starlet, who is supporting Dhoni's kings over SRK's knights at tonight's IPL finals, doesn't want to reveal anything in advance about what she wants to gift Dhoni if he manages to lift the cup.

No promises of a strip act, the claim-queen insists. "Just as a terrorist doesn't reveal what he will do to create a dhamaka, I too will not talk about my plans now. There are people who file cases against me at the drop of a hat. I will do whatever I have planned on my microblogging site though I know that freedom of expression has its limits and even controversial or explicit content on cyberspace can be liable to legal offense. While I've been bold, I've never crossed any limit," Poonam says.

Ask her why she favours Dhoni over SRK and she says, "It's unfair to compare. Dhoni is super cool on the field. Shah Rukh is the badshah of the world. I was initially a supporter of Team Mumbai since I belong to Mumbai. But in the finals, I'm all for Dhoni. Agar cricket ki baat ho, it has to be Dhoni all the way. Dhoni looks so sexy behind the wickets. His shots take my breath away. I am huge fan of his and it would be exciting to spend a day in an undisclosed location with him. By the way, I find Sakshi cute too."

Does she have any plans of hosting an IPL show? "If the idea is to be another Mandira Bedi for cricket, I will not answer in the affirmative. What she has done to marry cricket and entertainment is something no one else can do. If I want to do something with cricket, I'll get into it only if I can be a trend setter," she explains. Tell her that there are talks of model Rozyln Khan turning into her competitor after the latter dared to bare her butt before the wicket and Poonam says, "Why would Rozyln's act bother me? I am neither here to make friends or enemies. Everyone in the glamour world wants publicity. That's our drug."

What about talks that she made false claims about starring in "Jism" director Amit Saxena's movie? "Of course, I am doing the movie," she says, "Even the director was surprised when reports came out of me not doing it. Later, he himself went on to say that I am playing the lead in his movie. But we are not revealing any details of the movie right now. There is a time and place for everything. I am recovering from jaundice now and hence the shooting of my film has got delayed. As of now, Bollywood is my priority."

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